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A walk through the Prado with the artist and 50 participants of his project "Hell is coming/World ends today"

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Create and destroy a work of art

Dancing with the Stars

De “I don’t know” demonstratie

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Enlightenment: Getting you there

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Foreigners falling

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I cry for you

EdlA in The Blue House, Amsterdam

Het Blauwe Huis [The Blue House], a villa situated at the centre of Housing Block 35 on IJburg (Amsterdam newest city area), was taken off the market for a period of at least four years. With this project visual artist Jeanne van Heeswijk established a house for culture and research into the development and evolution of history and experimental communities – a spot that cannot be regulated within a living environment planned down to the last millimeter, a place for exchange and dialogue. The Blue House facilitates a branch of the Evolution de l’Art gallery.  
Curator: Yasser Ballemans

Evolution de l’Art at the Blue House opens Sunday 9 December from 15h till 18h



List of The Blue House participating artists

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