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A walk through the Prado with the artist and 50 participants of his project "Hell is coming/World ends today"

Animals' nurse in the jungle

As a painting

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Create and destroy a work of art

Dancing with the Stars

De “I don’t know” demonstratie

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Enlightenment: Getting you there

Extra Day


Foreigners falling

Good Luck (Random good deeds)

Horse riding

I cry for you

List of The Blue House participating artists

Robin Bhattacharya & Larissa Hadjio

Yane Calovski

Aukje Dekker & Avi Krispin

Daan den Houter

Rolf Engelen

Willum Geerts

Daan den Houter

Jan Huijben

Michiel Huijben

Wouter Klein Velderman

Gyz La Rivière & Rufus Ketting - HuMobists

Simon Kentgens

Dafna Maimon

Maurice Meewisse

Miguel Angel Melgares Calzado

Mobile Institute

Joost Nieuwenburg

Daniela Paes Leao & Tabitha Kane

Tere Recarens

Andreas Templin


Ward van Gemert & Jordan Artisan

Jeanne van Heeswijk

Sarah van Sonsbeeck

Anique Weve

Inga Zimprich


I work here performance

Intellectual Entertainment Service

Interior Event

introducing GRUPPO PALERMO

Letter to Yves Klein

Private View


Take Away

The Gift

The Morrona, universal Andalusian

The Shadow Queue / The Line

The Surprise Service

Unspecified space, site specific work

Untitled (1987)

Wall Space


Window Event

Your Head In Ice

Your Own Chain Letter

Your Own Stalker

ZOMBIE / Telepathic Art Newspaper