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A walk through the Prado with the artist and 50 participants of his project "Hell is coming/World ends today"

Animals' nurse in the jungle

As a painting

Become an accessory to the unplanned



Create and destroy a work of art

Dancing with the Stars

De “I don’t know” demonstratie

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Enlightenment: Getting you there

Extra Day


Foreigners falling

Good Luck (Random good deeds)

Horse riding

I cry for you


After a conversation we will mark your daily routes.
We will zoom into the black and white details.
You won’t know where the marking points are, but you know what they look like.

Price: €3,000 not including travel and accommodation expenses depending on location.


Na een gesprek markeren wij jouw dagelijkse routes.
Wij zoomen in op de zwart-wit details.
Jij weet niet waar de markeerpunten zijn, maar wel hoe ze er uit zien.

Prijs: € 3000,- excl. reis en verblijfkosten afhankelijk van de locatie


I work here performance

Intellectual Entertainment Service

Interior Event

introducing GRUPPO PALERMO

Letter to Yves Klein

Private View


Take Away

The Gift

The Morrona, universal Andalusian

The Shadow Queue / The Line

The Surprise Service

Unspecified space, site specific work

Untitled (1987)

Wall Space


Window Event

Your Head In Ice

Your Own Chain Letter

Your Own Stalker

ZOMBIE / Telepathic Art Newspaper