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32 exercises (with colours, air, fruit, snow, animals, and others)

A choral trip on the Trans Siberian Express and a concert on the Red Square in Beijing

A light effect in the sky that will hoop the infinite

A new situation for your room

A place in the collection of photos to be potentially used for future projects

A trip to get in physical contact with raw materials

An artwork to be read directly from the artist’s brain

Answers to questions about political and personal satisfaction

Collectively eating a cake that looks like a dead migrant on a beach

Copyright on a sentence and a poster, for someone else than the buyer

Days in Iran for Sale

Drawing a map of a top-secret airbase on a wall in a public space

Eating the first fruit

Erotic Calls

Facial expressions for every day, from reading a newspaper

Gently assisting nature's instinct towards erosion

Giving a look to the artist’s note book from the ‘70s

I will take you to Palestine

Leasing a small portion of space in an artwork made by another artist, and using it


Evolution de l'Art now also in Milan!

The gallery Evolution de l’Art arises from a collaboration between SPACE (Juraj Carny, Diana Majdakova and Lydia Pribisova) and Cesare Pietroiusti.

Evolution de l’Art is a gallery for contemporary art which only sells artworks that are immaterial, with no physical residue, and it does not release certificates of authenticity, nor statements or receipts. EdlA will represent, on a non-exclusive basis, artists whose artwork is, at least in the case of some specific projects, alien from any physical-material component. Beyond this condition, there will not be any other limitation or requisite for represented artists in terms of medium or technique.

EdlA offers the possibility of becoming contemporary art collectors to the widest possible audience. Therefore the gallery will offer artworks at a range of very different prices, including some that can be purchased for a few Euros. Purchases can be made at the headquarters of the gallery (Stefanikova 21, Bratislava) or through the website www.evolutiondelart.net.

On the gallery website, anyone can find the updated list of artworks for sale, with their price list, as well as a list of all those that have been already sold, including the buyers’ names (unless anonymity is requested).


Another antenna of EdlA in Brussels

A new branch of EdlA in Amsterdam






Excerpts from "Evolution de l'art vers l'immatériel", by Yves Klein

Meet the artist's wife...

My celebrity interactions can be yours

Naming a child yet to be born after the purchaser (expired)

One day of life on Ludlow Street (New York) in six thousand seven hundred sixteen jpg images

One distinct hour’s worth of air that moves around and through my body as I work in my studio

sold workReading a text on a bench in a park

Reading fortune from Turkish coffee cups

Receiving an incantation for an important change in life

Repairing memory discontinuity through hypnosis

Rules for a grammatical role-playing game to be played during any kind of conversation

Sending two artists to Las Vegas

Sound Calendar

The artist’s smell

The sexual renaissance for retired people - an exclusive and free club

Transferring Patriotism

Two men record everything that happens in a square

You are the sky: one mole and a constellation will arise on your body

Web cam views on the ordinary life of a family of artists