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32 exercises (with colours, air, fruit, snow, animals, and others)

A choral trip on Trans Siberian Express and a concert on the Red Square in Beijing

A contribution for emerging artists

A conversation about art that will last as long as possible

A do-it-yourself method to make an instant distinction of good and bad

A guided tour to an abandoned shopping mall

A light effect in the sky that will hood the infinite

A new situation for your room

A picture of you

A place in the collection of photos to be potentially used for future projects

A quotation from The Anti-Oedipus

A slogan

A travel to get in physical contact with raw materials

A visit to the artist in Oregon

An artwork to be read directly from the artist’s brain

An open call to the chicken-breeders of the planet

Answering at the telephone and tell stories about Italian masterpieces, or about immateriality

Answers to questions about political and personal satisfaction

Birthday party

Choosing a new day to celebrate Christmas

Collecting information about a list of unknown people, sent by the buyer

Collectively eating a cake that looks like a dead migrant on a beach

Compilations of visited URLS as archived from the web browser’s “history” feature

Copyright on a sentence and a poster, for someone else than the buyer

Drawing a map of a top-secret airbase on a wall in a public space

Eating the first fruit

Entering into a private apartment and do not tell anyone what is inside

Erotic Calls

Experiencing the screen test process and re-enacting a scene from your favourite film

Facial expressions for every day, from reading a newspaper

For only 0,55 Euro you are part of a collection!

Forwarding to the artist all the emails received from Africa

Gently assisting nature's instinct towards erosion

Giving a look to the artist’s note book from the ‘70s

Giving another artist the possibility to participate at a show, at my place

Giving you a thought for as long as you live

Good thoughts that will make you happy

How to apologize for failing to meet deadline

I dreamed...

I will take you to Palestine

Instructions to undertake a new career

Instructions for making a sentence impossible to be read entirely

Kissing two plastic bag men

Leasing a small portion of space in an artwork made by another artist, and use it


Living space projection for new feelings

32 exercises (with colours, air, fruit, snow, animals, and others)

1. Dye food with a food dye, use a different one each week, then eat it.
2. Buy the fruit according to the seasons: spring-oblong, summer- ripe, autumn – round, winter – hard.
3. Colour fog.
4. Colour a cigarette tobacco, blow out a colourful smoke.
5. In the spring make big chessmen out of snow and play a long game of chess until the chessmen melt away.
6. Make flags of the continents out of colourful snow.
7. Cut a silhouette of a state into a sole and walk in the snow.
8. Stand behind a pedestal, wait for a cloud passing over your head, in your mind you will create a memorial to the clouds.
9. A plane pulls a banner.
10. In each state add a different colour into petrol. There will be a different colour smoke everywhere.
11. Sensualize when you look at the sky full of stars. The constellations: The Nipple, The Great Penis, The Testicles, The Little Glans etc.
12. Every day put on different clothes. Monday: a sportsman, Tuesday: a beggar, Wednesday: a waiter, Thursday: a motorcycle driver, Friday: a toreador, Saturday: an adolescent, Sunday: a news-vendor.
13. Together with a partner make ABC using your bodies.
14. With a thick glove on your hand touch a puddle shortly after a rain.
15. At a concert put a sticking plaster on a singer`s mouth and on audience`s ears.
16. Observe things soaked in water for one minute.
17. Every day put your arm in a sleeve into a different material and then walk through a town. /jam, pitch, honey, chocolate, plaster/.
18. In your mind exchange the names of streets for food /bread, sugar, nut…/ or human character features / laughter, anger…/.
19. Get dressed in blue and one day stop for a minute at all the traffic signs in town. The next day, dressed in red, do the same etc.
20. In a fish tank replace fish with plastic mammals.
21. Stand next to Cremlin, near a mausoleum repeat aloud “Lenin is grey”.
22. Choose 20 LP`s and sing first word of each.
23. At the Zoo, standing in front of a different cage, use a different speech: quack at a cheetah`s cage, moo at a hippo`s cage, twitter At a bear`s cage…
24. Present each statue in a town in a different material: J.N.Hummel in feather, F.Liszt in nut shells, P.Hviezdoslav in chocolate…
25. Imagine that each object in a room contains unexpected objects: in a wardrobe there are sauce pans, cups, plates, in a bathtub there are pictures, in a bedside table there is a fire extinguisher etc.
26. Imagine the objects in a room are 1 meter higher.
27. Imagine that in a museum /e.g. in a room of baroque art/ the old statues are holding in their hands contemporary, modern objects /magnetophone, helmet, camera…/.
28. For 1 minute stand next to a door without an eyelet. 29. Count how many people within an hour try to imitate you.
30. In the evening count up how many balloons you blew with a mouth at the fair.
31. In your mind exchange existing statues for the other ones. E.g. A. Rodin for C.Colombus.
32. Count how many anthems you can sing when you look at a flag of a particular state.

Prices and quantity:
1. Edition of 20: 200 Skk each
2. Edition of 8: 300 Skk each
3. 600 Skk
4. 400 Skk
5. 500 Skk
6. 800 Skk
7. 800 Skk
8. Edition of 8: 300 Skk each
9. 1000 Skk
10. 300 Skk
11. Edition of 20: 400 Skk each
12. 1000 Skk
13. Edition of 10: 300 Skk each
14. 600 Skk
15. 800 Skk
16. Edition of 12: 300 Skk each
17. Edition of 4: 400 Skk each
18. Edition of 20: 200 Skk each
20. Edition of 4: 300 Skk each
21. Edition of 12: 200 Skk each
22. 1000 Skk
23. 400 Skk
24. Edition of 20: 200 Skk each
25. Edition of 10: 300 Skk each
26. Edition of 6: 300 Skk each
27. Edition of 12: 200 Skk each
28. Edition of 6: 500 Skk each
29. Edition of 10: 200 Skk each
30. Edition of 6: 200 Skk each
31. Edition of 4: 400 Skk
32. 600 Skk

Otis Laubert

Look! the moon

Making a radical change in life

Making the artists obey their horoscopes

Meet the artist's wife...

Meeting a friend after 10 years

More an awareness then a thing

My celebrity interactions can be yours

Naming a child yet to be born after the purchaser (expired)

Not talking for 24 hours, starting from a moment chosen by the collector

One day of life on Ludlow Street (New York) in six thousand seven hundred sixteen jpg images

One distinct hour’s worth of air that moves around and through my body as I work in my studio

Participation in artistic projects, either past or future

Phone conversations based on email scripts

Promoting a young unknown artist

Pronouncing the names of every people I know, as much as I can

Proving that a wish has been fulfilled

Questions and answers about status and motivations of artists from 4 different countries

sold workReading a text on a bench in a park

Reading fortune from Turkish coffee cups

Receiving an incantation for an important change in life

Receiving the artists who want to show their works in a well-known gallery

Renouncing to think about a personal project when invited to a show

Repairing memory discontinuity through hypnosis

Repositioning furniture

Rules for a grammatical role-playing game to be played during any kind of conversation

Sending two artists to Las Vegas

Sound Calendar

Telephone numbers of story-tellers from Curaçao

Ten assignments

Temporal rearrangements of space, furniture and any other object provided by collector

The artist’s smell

The fact that for six months the artist slept under a table

The sexual renaissance for retired people - an exclusive and free club

The thought of a specific moment

The tracks of the artist’s tears

To be hosted by people met by chance, for nine months

To tell the most beautiful and worst experience of his/her life

Transferring Patriotism

Traversal: New York-Rome

Two men record everything that happens in a square

Visiting the black light environment

Voice and sound of US

You are the sky: one mole and a constellation will arise on your body

Your favourite fairy tale

Web cam views on the ordinary life of a family of artists