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To trust the artist


"Often an act of trust is asked from someone facing a work of art: to believe that it is art -- a good work of art.

This isn't something one understands directly or immediately, not even someone who deals with works of art on a daily basis.

It is all a question of trust, of faith, if you think about it. It is quite something to place one’s trust in the figure of the artist and in the end artists manage to deal with this trust placed in them by others.
A good artist learns how to gain the trust of many.
I want to achieve the same. I want people to have faith in me.
Trust me, you won't regret it.
For this reason I offer myself to keep your secret.
Secrets shouldn't be told, but often one longs to share them with someone.
I offer to keep your secret for as long as you, the legitimate owner of it, wants."

Price: the price depends on the secret, from €5 to €10.000

Alessandro Nassiri Tabibzadeh

See you at the Smoking Salmon

To Make Thin / Assottigliare

To Trust the Artist

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