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A Short Story Lasting 365 Hours (In Silence)

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See you at the Smoking Salmon


3392154XXX: See you at the Smoking Salmon.
3203351XXX: The salmon is vacuum smoked.
3392154XXX: Where does the smoke come from?
3203351XXX: Carrefour, 55 Via Monti, Milan, detergents aisle, h 18.25. Come alone.
3392154XXX: How will I recognize you?
3203351XXX: By the smell.


An incognito appointment within supermarket aisles with an expert smoked salmon shoplifter.

When Mxxxxxxx goes shopping, he stages a personal version of proletarian expropriation. Besides bread and water, he sometimes allows himself some luxury food, mainly smoked salmon (or alternatively extra-fine chocolate). However, the salmon never passes through the hands of the cashier.

We offer an individual lesson to learn the tricks of the trade: locating any CCTV cameras, acting ease, eluding the cashier's suspicion, pretending indignation if checked, covering up if discovered.

A reflection - through transgression - upon an idea of legality that implies social inequalities (including dietary ones)

An Individual lesson of 15', place and time will be indicated by Mxxxxxxx.

Edition of 10.

Price: you keep the salmon; Mxxxxxxx keeps the rest of the shopping (€30 worth of goods).

Daniele Maffeis

See you at the Smoking Salmon

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