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A Short Story Lasting 365 Hours (In Silence)

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Pure As Water

Pure as Water


"For a year you will follow my advice to stop all personal usage of any chemical mixtures or substances that comprise pollutants.
You will be freed from all non-natural products such as body lotions, cleansing milks, shampoo etc.
Not only will you be satisfied and surprised by such an experience, but by adopting my recommendations and sharing them with your community, with those close to you, you will also help to create a chain of ecological and sustainable habits!"

(Image source: http://thalifa.blog.tiscali.it/2010/06/01/scroscio-dacqua/)

Price of coaching and of the crash course: € 1.500 (plus travel and accommodation if needed)

Paola anzichè

See you at the Smoking Salmon

To Make Thin / Assottigliare

To Trust the Artist

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