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To make thin / assottigliare


"1998 I travelled to Colmar (Alsace, France), in quest of a close encounter with the Isenheim Altarpiece, painted by Mathias Grünewald around 1515. Since then I have managed to see the originals of almost all the remaining works of this painter. Each time, the impression these works have made on me has been an incredibly powerful and long lasting one.
Apart from some of his drawings, there is one painting in particular, that I haven't yet seen, and that I have been dreaming for a long time to see in its original state: the so-called Stuppacher Madonna.
When not travelling to other venues for exhibition purposes (or, as it is presently, away for restoration), this painting is on display in a small village south of Würzburg (Germany).
What I propose is, for myself and a person of my choice, to travel to Bad Mergentheim in Germany, to experience the crystalline quality and density of this painting on wood."


By 'commissioning' the trip, the collector will then act as the instigator of an experience from which nothing will be gained but gratitude. Additionally, he/she will subsequently receive a verbal account of the trip, and an accurate description of the feelings the painting will have generated in the course of the visit.

Price: The likely costs connected to travelling to Bad Mergentheim, including lodging: € 600

Italo Zuffi

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To Make Thin / Assottigliare

To Trust the Artist

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